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  Digital Imaging


The iOX2 system is the latest development in the field of digital x-ray imaging. In addition to combining the highest quality and the latest technologies on the market today, it is extremely easy to use. iOX2, Perfection Simplified.

iox x-ray

The complete system features:

• two high resolution sensors:
• iOX2 600 with an active area of 20x30 mm.
• iOX2 900 with an active area of 25x36 mm
• high-speed, plug-n-play USB data box
• powerful iOX image handling software
• a set of iOX2 sensor holders as accessories

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logo iox x-ray Package 1 

• one high resolution sensor:
• iOX2 600 with an active area of 20x30 mm.
• high-speed, plug-n-play USB data box
• powerful iOX image handling software
• a set of iOX2 sensor holders as accessories   
Package 2

• one high resolution sensors:
• iOX2 900 with an active area of 25x36 mm
• high-speed, plug-n-play USB data box
• powerful iOX image handling software
• a set of iOX2 sensor holders as accessories
Package 3

• two high resolution sensors:
• iOX2 600 with an active area of 20x30 mm.
• iOX2 900 with an active area of 25x36 mm
• high-speed, plug-n-play USB data box
• powerful iOX image handling software
• a set of iOX2 sensor holders as accessories


IOX2 Sensors

The new iOX2 system is the result of a decade of experience in the world of digital dental imaging systems. iOX2 successfully combines all technical knowledge and advances with EASE OF USE.

  iOX2 600: iOX2 900:
Active area: 600 mm² 2 or 20x30 mm 950 mm² or 36.5x26 mm
Outer dimension: 24x37x6.5 mm 31x44x6.5 mm
Resolution: 20 lp/mm 26 lp/mm
Pixel size: 25x25 microns 19.5x19.5 microns
Pixel quantity: 960,000 2,489,760
  1600 pixels/mm² 2630 pixels/mm²

iox x-ray

iOX2 Data Box 

The stylish design of the USB data box incorporates the latest electronics onthe market, providing the user with the best possible image quality within a few seconds. The iOX2 system is ready to take images at all times, requiring no activation or pushing of buttons between exposures or patients. All exposures are automatically detected by the iOX2 system and are immediately displayed on screen as well as automatically saved to the hard drive, which means that you do not have to touch the computer keyboard or mouse between exposures to erase or reset the sensor. This considerably speeds up the work process and maximizes hygiene.



iOX2 Image Handling Software

iOX2 imaging software is a powerful imaging tool. Keeping it simple and easy is the key philosophy behind iOX2 software. The user interface is logical and has been stripped of unnecessary, confusing functions. The most commonly used functions are always just one mouse click away; advanced functions that are rarely used have been removed from the basic screen setting to keep the visual layout clean and simple.

iox x-ray


          The PSPiX

















The DIGORA Optime intraoral Digital Imaging System is designed to make work in the dental office easier and more efficient. The DIGORA Optime is small, easy to use and fast to operate. Together with DIGORA for Windows dental imaging software, it will increase image processing speed and workflow efficiency.


Efficient workflow

The DIGORA Optime imaging procedure has been designed to be as simple and easy as possible so that workflow in your dental office is more efficient. The DIGORA Optime imaging procedure is fast;

• Imaging plates are as easy to position in the patient’s mouth as film
• the readout process is completely automatic
• readout time is very short
• no additional adapters nor equipment (such as an erasure box) are needed.

These advantages reduce the number of tasks you have to do, thus making everyday work more efficient and flexible. This ultimately gives you more time for your patients.

Compact size
The DIGORA Optime’s size means that you can place it in the most convenient position for your way of working. Positioning the unit where you want will improve your workflow and make daily work more efficient and comfortable.

Smart design
The DIGORA Optime is smart. It is operated with just two buttons, the on/off and the start button. Insert the exposed imaging plate into the DIGORA Optime and everything is done automatically.
The DIGORA Optime was designed right from the start to be easy to use and integrate efficiently into the dental office.

Quick readout time
Quick readout time makes it possible to feed imaging plates continuously, for example, when a full mouth x-ray series is taken.

Full daylight use
DIGORA Optime is small and can be used in full daylight conditions. This makes it easy to place in the most convenient location in your practice.

Efficient Workflow

Efficient Workflow

Smart, Auto-functions are the key to efficient workflow. DIGORA Optime is fast and easy to use because of its innovative design and functionality.

DIGORA Optime automatically identifies the size of the imaging plate inserted – there is no need for separate adapters or holders. AutoDetect enhances operating convenience and improves workflow.

AutoStart means no buttons to push to start the readout. The DIGORA Optime detects when an imaging plate has been inserted and the readout begins automatically.

DIGORA Optime has a built-in erasing system, so there is no need for a separate erasure accessory. The automatic erasing system ensures that imaging plates are ready for immediate reuse.

AutoEject simplifies the workflow. After the imaging plate is read and erased it is automatically ejected. The unit is then ready for the next imaging plate.

AutoOptimization adjusts the brightness and contrast of the image automatically. Due to SOREDEX Imaging Plates and DIGORA Optime’s built-in system intelligence feature, image quality is optimized.

DIGORA Optime automatically switches to the Sleep mode when it is not used for a certain period of time. This can be easily configured to meet your needs.

Image Quality

Image Quality

Clinical image quality is a result of the whole DIGORA Optime concept. The DIGORA Optime System uses highly sensitive and intelligent Imaging Plate readout technology to achieve high quality images with an exceptionally wide dynamic range. The result is that even small details like 0.06mm root canal files are visible.
In addition, the DIGORA Optime System allows reduced exposure times to be used and virtually eliminates under and overexposed images. Less retakes means good news for you and your patients.

Optimal Signal-to-noise ratio
In digital imaging, a optimal signal-to-noise ratio is important to create images of the highest quality, too much noise results in a loss of diagnostic information. The DIGORA Optime System is designed with a short light path from the imaging plate to the photomultiplier, which means that a low dose can be used while keeping the noise level low.

Image Quality

Wide dynamic range
An often overlooked quality in an imaging system is its dynamic range. A wide dynamic range means no over or underexposed images, consistent image quality and compatibility with both AC and DC intraoral x-ray units and no need to change exposure settings for each patient. The exceptionally wide Dynamic range of the DIGORA Optime System gives you good image quality, consistently.

New Imaging Plates

DIGORA Optime -
Thin and flexible Imaging Plates

Thin and reusable DIGORA Imaging Plates are as easy to place and position as conventional film. Imaging Plates can be placed accurately both horizontally and vertically – you can take exact intraoral projection. By using Imaging Plates you can reduce the number of retakes.

New Imaging Plates

DIGORA Optime is always supplied with four standard intraoral sizes:0, 1, 2 and 3 Imaging Plates.

Optimized flexibility
DIGORA Optime Imaging Plates are comfortable for the patient and easy to handle for the user. The imaging plates are flexible enough to enable easy and precise positioning and comfort for the patient, while being rigid enough to minimize distortion.

Optimized flexibility

Imaging plate covers
The covers protect the imaging plates and therefore extend their usable life considerably. The covers protect the imaging plates from cross-contamination and light after the hygiene bag is removed.

Hygiene bags
New two-colored hygiene bags make positioning simple and eliminate the possibility of cross contamination. Sealing and opening the hygiene bags is effortless.


RRP £9100.00 + Vat

Our Price £7100.00 + Vat

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