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  Suction Pumps


Turbo-Smart - The Most Advanced Innovation in Aspiration

Whatever the demand, Turbo-Smart automatically applies the correct vacuum to suit any procedure without compromising   efficiency. Vacuum can also be adjusted at set up to suit the dentists initial requirements.

Turbo-Smart information centre (CPU) keeps operators informed of any maintenance required before any interruption to practice schedules can occur. Other monitoring features include: vacuum level, appliance temperature, room temperature, hours worked, power used, amalgam level monitoring, and a constant operating conditions display.

Depending upon the software incorporated the same unit can power either two or four surgeries.


Single Surgery Suction Systems 

Turbo-Jet Compact

A single surgery suction system  with built in electronic amalgam separator.

Turbo-Jet Compact Plus

A very high-powered Turbo-Jet fitted with the Uni-Jet 75 2V vacuum unit with built in electronic amalgam separator.

Ideal for the surgeon who wants very high vacuum


dental durr
Durr Dental has a unique technology that not only reduces the installation costs, but also the number of items. The VSA range combines a vacuum generator, automatic separator and amalgam separator. This unique technology combines peak power in suction removal with economy, robustness and a long service.
VSA Systems
One working shaft in a VSA combination suction unit:
VSA unit with a vacuum motor, separator and amalgam separator. This unique technology not only reduces the installation costs, but also the number of items.
durr 001
durr 002

Durr VSA300S

Single Surgery Suction System

Durr VSA300S

Single Surgery Suction System with housing

durr 003
durr 004

Durr VS(A)600

Two Surgery Suction System.

Durr VS(A)900

Three Surgery Suction System.

durr 005
durr 006

Durr CAS 1 Combi-Separator

The CAS 1 combines air-water separation and amalgam separation. It is accommodated easily into many types of dental units.
The two-stage system achieves a much higher separation capacity than conventional technology.

Economy and selective hose holders

Suction handpieces can be sterilized in autoclaves. Rotary slide valve for controlling suction fitted on the small suction handpiece. Modular design. Can be fixed directly on the wall or if prefered , under the worktop using the extendable pivoting slide.

dental ez logo

Renowned for reliability.

Minimal space required.

High vacuum strength with more power and feel.

Simple to operate.

Model CV-101

Single 1 HP

Single Surgery Suction Unit. 

Model CV-102

Single 2 HP

Two Surgery Suction Unit.


The CustomAir Water Ring Pumps

Model MC-201

Dual 1 HP

Three Surgery Suction Unit. 

Model MC-202

Dual 2 HP

Four Surgery Suction Unit.


The HG5 amalgam Separator

Simple in Install. 

2 Sizes Available. 

IS certified removal rate of 99.8%


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